Loons Group



Loons Group Vehicle Tracking System,is a combination of hardware and software is a complete tracking solution offering a host of exciting features.

The hardware devices which can be installed in any vehicle type report information to servers hosted by Bharti ehicle Systems, this information is disseminated through our flexible real time web interface accessible from any PC with an internet connection or via a mobile device such as a Blackberry, an I-phone or a PDA.

As standard the features include:
  • * Real-time reporting
  • * Google mapping with custom maps for overseas markets
  • * Multi vehicle map display
  • * Full reporting suite with the ability to schedule reports to be delivered at your when and where you want them
  • * Fully configurable interface
  • * Points of Interest
  • * Route replay
  • * Free configurable emails alerts and optional SMS alerts
  • * Log download option for accident analysis, speeding offences etc. [subject to an additional charge, log capacity up to 10,000 events].


  • * Save on fuel costs by detecting excess idling and out of hours’ usage
  • * Know where your drivers are, that way you can pick the best vehicles for your jobs and keep your customers informed of where they are
  • * Manage your drivers performance, speeding and excessive speeding, harsh and emergency braking and harsh acceleration
  • * Keep on top of servicing and maintenance by scheduling service reminders for both plant equipment (hours) and vehicles (miles)
  • * Fully configurable interface
  • * Peace of mind knowing your assets are secure, our Skyline system is used consistently to recover stolen items successfully.

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